Skiing & Snowboarding Programs are a Great Way to Engage Youth! Learning

With winter almost upon us, now is a great time to consider diversifying your programming to include winter sports if you haven’t already. Skiing and snowboarding programs are a great way to engage youth and get them excited about getting outdoors in the winter and may not be as out of reach as one might think. Do you personally lack the skills to teach Skiing...

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Is Your TYO Profile Complete? Learning / Tech Tip

Your TYO profile is easy to complete and doing so will enhance your TYO experience. A complete profile serves as a networking tool, allows others to find and connect with you, and allows the TYO team to customize communications with you based on the information you provide. Let’s start with focusing on why the various fields are important! Location – By adding your location (city...

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Developing an After-School Outdoor Program or Adventure Club Learning

At TYO we passionately believe that getting youth outdoors can change lives, influence academics & career choices, and has positive health benefits. Developing an After-School Outdoor Program or Adventure Club can provide many benefits to your students and may be easier than you think! Don’t know where to start… the TYO After–School / Adventure Clubs Learning Path breaks down the process into 4 steps. Planning!...

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