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A Guide to Winter Programming Learning

Sure, the days are shorter and the temperatures are cooler, but the winter months are still an amazing time to offer outdoor programming. Need some inspiration to get started? We pulled together a range of information to help you plan and prepare for winter outings, from safety tips to program ideas. PREPARING FOR WINTER OUTINGS Just as with any other time of year, the key...

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Developing a Mountain Bike Program for Youth Uncategorized

Want to add some action sports to your outdoor programming repertoire? One of the best places to start is with mountain biking. Contrary to what it might look like to those who haven’t tried the sport, mountain biking doesn’t have to be super technical – just as with skiing or hiking, you can find trails and routes fit for every experience level. Bonus? They’re usually...

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photo by David Close Learning

So, you feel like you’re out there doing good work – but how do you actually measure and prove that you’re doing good work? By creating a theory of change, a tool that will help define your program or organization’s overall strategy for creating a positive impact. WHAT EXACTLY IS A THEORY OF CHANGE? A theory of change is an organizational tool that will help you...

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