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Volunteers Make the (Outdoor) World Go ‘Round Learning

Whether we’re talking about nonprofit organizations, afterschool programs, community initiatives or beyond, there’s no doubt that volunteers are at the heart of many efforts to connect young people—any people, really—with the outdoors. Below, we’ve gathered some useful resources to help you find and manage volunteers, while also offering a few suggestions for those who are interested in volunteering or encouraging other people to volunteer on...

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Special Use Permitting 101 Learning / Partners

Whether you’re leading a small group of teenagers on their very first backpacking trip or guiding a university climbing club on an advanced mountaineering adventure, you’ll likely need to obtain a special use permit in order to execute the trip if it occurs on U.S. Forest Service lands. While applying for a permit might seem daunting, we want to help demystify the process, which has...

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