Rock Climbing


The objective of these resources are to aid you in the establishment of a single day, single pitch beginning climbing program for youth. Due to the technical nature of rock climbing we recommend you start by obtaining a Single Pitch Instructor certification with the AMGA. Alternatively, hiring an AMGA certified guide or accredited guide service will allow you to establish your climbing program immediately. Guides with AMGA certification have the technical skills and experience with climbing to help you run a successful program.

IntroductionGUIDE Introduction and Overview Rock Climbing with Youth

This guide is an introduction to the qualifications and knowledge needed to run a youth-focused Rock Climbing program.


This section will help you to develop a logistical plan for a day of rock climbing. Use the Day Planner to modify the Day-at-a-Glance to produce a portable logistics summary for the day.

Day PlannerGUIDE Rock Climbing Day Planner

This Guide will help you plan lessons for a full day of Rock Climbing facilitation. This document will help you plan to deliver Rock Climbing in a timely and effective manner.

At A GlanceTEMPLATE Rock Climbing Day at a Glance

This template is for use with the Rock Climbing guide to produce a single page summary of what you plan to do with your climbing trip.


Use these templates to create a Local Operations Plan and Trip Log, to efficiently organize information about your trip into a portable resource. You can use the Rock Climbing Checklist below to make sure you have all the gear and supplies you need.

Local Operation PlanTEMPLATE Local Operation Plan

This template is prepared to help you produce a Local Operations Plan (LOP). This is a document that collects emergency information in one place and that many permitting agencies may require you to file with them in advance of a trip.

Trip LogTEMPLATE Trip Log

This template is set up to contain simple information that is pertinent to your trip. You can customize this template in any way you choose by adding anything specific and relevant to you.

Rock ClimbingCHECKLIST Rock Climbing

This document is a checklist of gear and supplies that are needed on the day of a climb. Modify it to suit your program


The sections above provide you with the tools you need to prepare and to run your Rock Climbing trip. Additionally, we have included some resources from our partner organizations below that will give you further resources to develop your program.

Day at a glanceSAMPLE Day at a Glance Rock Climbing

This sample document will give you an overview of what a completed Day-at-a-Glance might look like.

SAMPLE Rock Climbing Instructions

This is a sample document outlining how you might run a basic instructional program. This is a document you might use to ensure instructors are teaching using common methods.

WaiversSAMPLE Waiver and Medical Form

This is a sample trip waiver and medical form from our partner Outdoor Outreach. Please check with your medical personnel and insurance to make sure that the forms you use are suitable to your coverage.

Lesson PlanSAMPLE Rock Climbing Lesson Plan

This Outdoor Outreach sample covers a lesson plan covering technical climbing skills. This outline includes tying in, belaying, and climbing commands as well as a sample teaching progression.

Rock ClimbingSAMPLE Rock Climbing Curriculum Chart & Info

This Outdoor Outreach sample outlines the information about a rock climbing area that is useful to collect before visiting.