Risk Management


These resources were created to help you to develop a risk management system for your program. Risk management is the process of reducing the risk of harm to individuals involved in your program to an acceptable level. Additionally, a risk management program seeks to reduce the likelihood of harm to your organization.

In the context of outdoor programs, our risk management focus areas will be physical safety, emotional safety, and child abuse prevention. We will also consider emergency response systems and insurance/legal considerations. Addressing these areas is an ethical obligation for outdoor programs and may help to reduce the potential for legal liability. Most of the guidance provided will be based upon the good practices developed in established outdoor programs.

Risk ManagementGUIDE Risk Management Introduction & Overview

This guide was created to give you an introduction and overview of risk management and includes information on prevention, types of risk, systemic risk management, and basic risk management.


This section will guide you through the process of developing a comprehensive Emergency Response Plan for your organization.

Emergency Response PrimerGUIDE Emergency Response Primer

This guide was created to give you an overview of the process of creating a comprehensive emergency response plan.

Emergency PlanSAMPLE Emergency Plan

This document effectively outlines emergency protocols for outdoor programs and was developed to clarify expectations for staff, volunteers and participants and to serve as guidelines for what to do in an emergency situation while on trips.

Crisis Communication PlanSAMPLE Crisis Communication Plan

This document is a sample plan used to effectively manage communications to mitigate crisis or serious negative repercussions to an organization.

OverviewSAMPLE Emergency Response Planning Overview

This document includes information on the purpose and key features of an Emergency Response Plan and covers why you need one and how it is used.


Insurance is one way of financially protecting your program and those involved in it and is often required by partners. The content in this section will give you the knowledge and resources necessary to navigate and make appropriate decisions on insurance for your program.

Insurance PrimerGUIDE Insurance Primer

This guide was created to give you an overview of the information you’ll need to adequately insure your organization.

Applying For InsuranceSAMPLE Applying for Insurance Guide

This document is a practical guide with information on what you need when applying for or renewing insurance.


This section provides the tools and resources you’ll need to develop policies, procedures and trainings for your organization to effectively protect the youth in your programs.

Youth Protection PrimerGUIDE Youth Protection Primer

This document serves as a guide to give you an overview of considerations to keep youth in your program protected from abuse.