Mountain Biking


These resources are to aid you in the establishment of a mountain biking program for youth. This guide is intended for people who want to lead a beginners program on well-marked trails and roads, with adequate equipment and supervision. These guides, templates, and sample documents will help you develop your program. We also include videos and e-learning tools supplied by our partner organizations that will help you effectively get youth into the outdoors.

IntroductionGUIDE Introduction and Overview Mountain Biking with Youth

This guide is an introduction to the qualifications and knowledge needed to run a youth-focused mountain biking program.


This section will help you to develop a logistical plan for a day of mountain biking. Use the Day Planner to modify the Day-at-a-Glance to produce a portable logistics summary for the day.

Day PlannerGUIDE Mountain Biking Day Planner

This guide is a more in-depth plan for a day of mountain biking with youth including a suggested lesson plan. Use this in advance of a trip to plan out the details of your mountain biking trip.

Day at a glanceTEMPLATE Mountain Biking day at a glance

This template gives you a sample of how a day might run in terms of timing, logistics, and instruction. Use it in combination with the Day Planner to create your own portable itinerary and timeline.


Use these templates to create a Local Operations Plan and Trip Log, to efficiently organize information about your trip into a portable resource. You can use the Mountain Biking Checklist below to make sure you have all the gear and supplies you need.


This template will help you produce a Local Operations Plan (LOP). This is a document that collects emergency information in one place and may be required resources for permitting agencies.

Trip LogTEMPLATE Trip Log

This template is set up to contain simple information that is pertinent to your trip. You can customize this template in any way you choose by adding anything specific and relevant to you.

ChecklistCHECKLIST Mountain Biking

This checklist is for mountain biking equipment, it is not exhaustive and may need to be modified and added to suit your program.