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Blue Lotus Consulting & TYO Webinar

Does the thought of evaluation make you want to stick your head in the sand?

Do the words “logic model” send you off to sleep?

As a pair of former non-formal program directors, we’ve been there too and we feel you. However, we’re blazing a new trail – one that will help you reveal that powerful story your organization has to tell. Join us as we break down the process of evaluation into a set of strategies and tools that can help your organization reinvent the way you navigate and understand participant experience. We’ll discuss the importance of engaging in an evaluative process as means to revealing meaningful impact. And, how the process of evaluation can actually strengthen your organization from within. 



Kelly Keena, Ph.D.
Kelly is co-founder and research storyteller at Blue Lotus Consulting & Evaluation, LLC. She started out more than 20 years ago as a field instructor and worked in all areas of non-formal organizations before working as a classroom teacher and instructional coach around science and nature-based learning experiences. She recently chaired the EPA’s National Environmental Education Advisory Council and through that process, found the need to strengthen evaluative thinking in all facets of our work with youth in the outdoors.

Corrie Colvin Williams, Blue Lotus Consulting Corrie Colvin Williams, Ph.D. Corrie is co-founder and research storyteller at Blue Lotus Consulting & Evaluation, LLC. With experience in both the practice and research worlds of non-formal education, Corrie understands the dynamics at play when considering effective, efficient and quality evaluation strategies. She believes in the power of sharing the lived experience and embraces the challenge of helping organizations reveal their stories through thoughtful and meaningful evaluation strategies