Tech Tip

In addition to the comprehensive resource library of TYO, our subject matter experts have curated focused learning paths that offer step-by-step learning to give you the tools you need on a wide variety of topics. With a new school year around the corner, read our latest blog post about our learning path designed to help build after-school and adventure club programs.

The After-School Programs / Adventure Club Path was created for those interested in developing one of these programs at a middle or high school. The 5-step path will guide you through the process of developing and facilitating your program while providing useful tools in the form of guides, samples and templates that you can customize.

Below is a quick overview of the path. The complete path can be found in the TYO Learning Path.


Step 1 – Planning Your Club. This first section includes one of our comprehensive Introduction and Overview Guides, along with various templates and guides addresses calendars and scheduling both helpful for the planning stage of your program.

Step 2 – Engaging Community Stakeholders. Once you have a plan, getting “buy-in” from the community you want to work in is critical. Our business plan template guides you through the process of communicating your vision.

Step 3 – Recruitment. Having engaged students/members is a crucial part of being able to implement a program. Sample parent letters, lunch-time flyers, and student presentations are provided.

Step 4 – Execution and Implementation. Once you have planned your program, received approval from community stakeholders, and recruited and enrolled participants, you can begin to execute/facilitate your program. Checklists, templates, and samples are provided to ensure that you are fully prepared to facilitate and evaluate your after school activities.

Step 5 – Other Resources. Our partner Outdoor Outreach provides a sample Adventure Club manual from their established after-school program.

Paths are a great way to learn about a specific topic in an organized and sequential manner while being given valuable resources needed to implement the topic you are learning about.