Webinars & Events

Do you struggle with digital marketing and audience engagement? The current online landscape is vast and can be tough to navigate without a basic understanding of the terrain and the tools to get moving in the right direction.

We asked the team at Mooncut Mountain Creative to shed some light and share their tips for crafting and implementing a strategic plan that produces results. During this 60-minute webinar, you’ll gain valuable insight to help you begin:

•Identifying and prioritizing your digital marketing goals
•Optimizing and unifying your marketing message
•Creating quality, engaging, and share-worthy content
•Understanding the basics of search engine marketing
•Making sense of (and measuring success with) digital marketing analytics

Bring your compass, your curiosity, and your questions, and find out where and how to make your next marketing move.

Jen Lamboy, Cofounder of Mooncut Mountain Creative, is a content strategist and SEO expert who guides organizations to align their greatest marketing needs with the most potent of online engagement strategies. She’s helped boost the online presence of multiple Alexa Top 500 websites, nonprofits focused on empowering eco-minded youth to become stewards of positive change, and activist organizations striving to keep campaign momentum soaring.

Jeff Wozer, Cofounder of Mooncut Mountain Creative and named by the Mother Nature Network as one of the nation’s top environmental comedians, has been talking about the outdoors on the national comedy club and corporate circuit for 17 years. Combined with his expertise on writing creative, SEO-rich content he uses his skills to help environmentalists and outdoor organizations hone and amplify their online messages.

Mooncut Mountain Creative is an eco-focused digital marketing company born and based in Colorado. By way of strategic content development and SEO, it helps pro-nature organizations be heard and continuously nab and maintain the attention of users and search engines, alike.