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TYO curates, organizes and maintains an ever-growing collection of resources to help you deliver best-in-class outdoor programming to the youth you serve.

The foundation of these resources comes from a collection of best practices from industry thought leaders including Outdoor Outreach, The Sierra Club, NOLS, REI, YMCA, and many more.

So whether you’re a passionate individual who works tirelessly on behalf of the youth in your area, or you’re an established organization looking to supercharge what you already do, we’ll help support you every step of the way.

Our Resources

We curate, organize and maintain an ever-growing collection of resources–including knowledge, best practices, practical tools and guidance–that help the members of our community deliver impactful outdoor programming to the youth they serve.


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By Learning Together

TYO allows people to follow experts, share success stories, and recommend best practices. The end result is social learning that propels our mission of getting people what they need to transform kids outdoors.


Curated Learning That Gets You Where You Want to Go

TYO creates engaging learning paths from the best practice content of industry leaders. Paths are organized for specific users such as enthusiastic individuals, small groups, & organized 501(c)3’s.


Less Time Searching
More Time Learning

TYO organizes best practice learning content, including documents, videos, templates, and tools, from thought leaders across the outdoor and education industries into one, searchable learning catalogue.


Membership Has
It’s Privileges

As a TYO member you have access to a number of amazing benefits including individualized support and coaching, a monthly webinar series with subject matter experts, and unique funding opportunities.

Why We Exist

We believe in the transformative power of the outdoors. Connecting to the natural world allows us to experience something bigger than ourselves, both internally and externally. We’ve all been transformed by a place, an experience or journey at some point in our lives.

But we have a crisis on our hands. There is a generation of youth at risk of not experiencing this transformation because they’re stuck indoors. We know that every child has a different story, but no matter what the story, we know that all kids can be transformed by connecting with real people and sharing profound experiences that happen outdoors.

As a group of people, the TYO community is passionate about changing the reality for these youth who are at-risk of not getting outdoors. But it’s hard to start or grow an organization that delivers truly impactful programming. And until now, there hasn’t been a place for proven information, tools and support.

And that’s what we’re here to change

How it Works

Members of TYO are able to access an ever-growing community of other like-minded individuals, as well as a carefully curated library of content and resources including videos, documents and engaging learning opportunities.

Take a look for yourself

Who we Are

Saveria Tilden

Communication Manager

Sharing her love of the outdoors with others is Saveria’s passion. In addition to serving as the Communications Manager for TYO, Saveria represents the American Hiking Society as one of their Ambassadors, volunteers as a Sierra Club leader teaching WTC and leading backcountry...

Chris Rutgers

Executive Director

Christopher is the founder of Outdoor Outreach, and now serves as the Executive Director of TYO. As a competitive skier, whitewater river guide, expedition rock climber and avid surfer, Chris has spent most of his life developing a passion for the outdoors. It was this passion...

Anett Lemke

Operations Manager

Anett started her career with Big4 Ernst & Young in Germany, conducting financial and process audits. She was Vice President for SPM Technologies, later acquired by SAP SI, for Process Management/Quality Control and Technical Editorship/Document...

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